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Cheapest robotic platform: Smart car

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[Updated 12/12/2013:
The commented kit is not being sold currently at dx, but it’s sold at Hobby King ]

There are also others kits like:

Funduino Tracking Maze Car for Arduino

Smart Car Chassis Kit for Arduino

I have bought the most affordable robotics platform (some photos here) I have found around Internet (at DX): 38€/49$ for all this components:

Ultrasonic Smart Car Kit

My construction:

Arduino cheap robot  car

Arduino cheap robot car

It’s really cheap, all the components work flawlessly and very well but IT DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY DOCUMENTATION and some parts (pan tilt base) are impossible to ensemble (it needs another micro servo, 3€/4$) and there is no way to mount on the robot base. Even that, I Think is a good deal, but you should work to get all the needed information (yes, all needed information is over Internet) and put your imagination to build it. I have used Lego Technics parts to mount the ultrasonic sensor.

Here is all the info I have found for every electronic part, code examples and, of course, (soon) a video.

C. C++, C# robotics programming Workshop/tutorial with the cheapest robotic platform

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Cheapest robot (Arduino)
My Smart Car construction

My Smart Car construction

[Update March 30, 2013: Added photo gallery]

I will start a C. C++, C# robotics programming Workshop/tutorial with the cheapest robotic platform I have found at dealextreme.com: (Arduino based) plus a Raspberry Pi (like this that use Bioloid as the hardware platform):

Ultrasonic Smart Car Kit

I have not still received the kit, but I will review the kit and start the workshop as soon as I receive it.

HexaWheels: hexapod & 6×6 wheel robot / Hexapodo y ruedas traccion 6×6

A workshop based on this hexapod robot

Bioloid “Mars Curiosity” (6×6 and rocker-bogie suspension)

This is the first drive of the first version of an 6×6 rocker-bogie suspension inspired in Mars Curiosity rover. It has been built using a Bioloid Comprehensive/Premium kit plus a few parts.

A tougher test:

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