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CM-5: Creating a simple “Hello World” C program

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Programming CM-5/CM-510

This post try to explain how to compile, load in the CM-5 (transmit) and execute a C program (a servo version of the “Hello World” classic example).

What do you need?

(You can find here how to start programming CM-5 / CM-510)

Obviously, some Bioloid hardware:

– The CM-5

– The battery or power source

– The serial cable

– An AX-12

– A cable to connect the AX-12 with the ID 17 to the CM-5. You can change the ID in the program.

What should you do?

1. Download and install the software:

1.- Download and install the Robotis RoboPlus software.

2.- Download and install WinAVR

3.- Download a Hello World example for WinAVR.

The C “Hello World” servo program is based in the original Robotis example.

4.- You should create a folder for your CM-5 program, for example c:myprojectscm5helloworld Copy there the previously downloaded helloworld.zip and unzip it.

2. Compile and link the program

1. Execute WinAVR and open the unzipped project:

( Bioloid User’s Guide.pdf could help you using WinAVR)

You should change the ID 17 of the servo for the ID of the servo you are using

2.- Compile and link. Make all:

3.- You should see “Errors: none”

4.- Transmit and execute the helloworld.hex to the CM-5

( Here you can find more info )

Well, if you only want to test the executable, you can download only the hex.

When loaded you should see an screen with two equal values as a correct “Checksum” check (in this example the value is 81, it’s calculated from the source code). If the values are not equal there is an error in the transmission.


5.- Every time you press the red MODE button the servo should spin

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