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Software Souls cloned/clonado

cloning! results may vary

cloning! results may vary

I will renew this domain and hosting until 2015 but if something fails the clone is already created.

I have exported this site and imported it at http://softwaresouls2.blogspot.com.es because I will not keep paying any hosting service.

He exportado este sitio y lo he importado en http://softwaresouls2.blogspot.com.es porque no seguiré pagando alojamiento web.

Renovaré el dominio y el alojamiento hasta 2015, pero si algo falla el clon ya está creado.








Software utilities and code examples:


Forums opened

As l wrote in this previous post I would like to improve your participation in this site, and, in general, the interactions between all the people who visit this forum.

So I have opened some forums to post doubts, questions, comments, suggestions or opinions about the publushed posts.

Already there are some questions and answers!

Software souls

Everybody has dreams that makes him wake up full of energy and  motivation. We born with it or may be it grows up inside us. Mine is software for personal robotics. Software that blows live, a personality, to your robotics creatures.

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