Start programming CM-5/CM-510 in C (AVR microcontrollers)

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From time to time I receive questions about how to start programming the CM-5/CM-510 with C.

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I think it’s necessary to have a working knowledge about:

1. C programming

2. CM-5/CM-510 programming

3. Dynamixel protocol

You can find  a lot of information about CM-510 / CM-700  programming at Robotis support website And here you can learn how to create a simple “Hello World” program for CM-5

1. C programming

I think “C Programming for Microcontrollers is a fast and very practical introduction to C and microcontrolers programming, but I’m a not sure if it an easy way to start learning C.If you a want a more structured and deeper introduction to the C programming language, this is a pretty good and free introduction:

C introduction (pdf)

But there are a lot…

C Language Tutorial (html)
How C Programming Works (html)
Several C programming tutorials (html)

and more from Google

2. CM-5/CM-510 programming

From Robotis support website CM-5/CM-510 programming

3. Dynamixel protocol

From Robotis support website Dynamixel actuator

4. Your first step

If you use a CM-510 you will find here at Robotis support site a lot of information, and if you use the CM-5 you will find in this post some useful information and links

Two others great sources of information are:

Robosavvy Bioloid information wiki

Source code of Stuart&Matt library

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